1 Page Public Health Professional Leadership

Due 9/2/18 8p.m EST

1 Page APA not including min 2 references


This week’s self-assessment, located in your text, is a brief individual leadership assessment entitled, “Value Systems.” This simple assessment is designed to initiate your thinking on the topic of values in leadership and how your values might impact your leadership in the field of public health.

For this Professional Leadership , complete the “Value Systems” assessment. As a scholar-practitioner in the field of public health, reflect on what the assessment may reveal about your leadership values. What values may be important to you as a leader in the field of public health?

The Assignment (1 page): Include in paper and use SUBHEADING

  • 1)Explain new insights gained based on your results of the “Value Systems” assessment
  • 2)Explain how these new insights might impact your role, or future role as a public health leader

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