300 – 400 Assignment Instructions Bibliography on Charles Darwin

300 – 400 Assignment Instructions Bibliography on Charles Darwin 

For this assignment you will submit a Research Proposal for your research paper and  presentation that are due Weeks 7 & 8.  This proposal should be words, in MLA or APA format.  Additionally, it should include an annotated bibliography of five resources.  An annotated bibliography is a regular bibliography but with a couple of additional sentences after each entry that you write that describes how the resource will assist you in writing on your topic.  It is expected that your topic and your resources will develop as you do your research and writing, and you may feel free to make adjustments as you go.  You should also incorporate as much of our assigned reading/course materials as possible.

One strategy for selecting a topic is to focus on one of the topics from our weekly discussions.  Another strategy is to select a particular philosopher or scientist and do a biographical paper on them, relating them to the philosophy of science.  Besides our course materials, a good place to get started is at the Philosophy Research Guide in the APUS Library.

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