400 Words Public Health Discussion ” Leadership”

Due 8/29 8 p.m EST

400 words APA not including min 3 references


What does leadership mean to you? Additionally, how do leadership and leadership responsibilities differ between public health leaders and managers? The difference between public health leadership and public health management may be highlighted by the way in which each uses a systems approach in solving public health issues. Although public health leadership and public health management may use a systems approach differently, the use of a systems approach provides leaders and managers with access to more resources for solving public health problems. To illustrate this point, think of the role a system plays in preventing a pandemic outbreak and how access to additional resources may assist public health leadership effectiveness. As a result, think about how a systems thinking approach might impact your definition of public health leadership.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources. Consider how you define public health leadership and how your definition applies a systems thinking approach. Also, think about the differences between public health leadership and public health management. Think of an example to illustrate this difference.

Post your personal definition of public health leadership and a definition of systems thinking. Then explain how public health leadership is different from public health management. Use a specific public health example to illustrate this difference. Finally, explain how systems thinking applies to your definition of leadership.

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