622 Conflt Mgmt&Negot Strat Ldrs

Read Chapters 1 and 2 in the Thompson Text and answer the following by first placing the question and then the answer below it. Post by Thursday, August 24 by midnight.   Be sure to include APA citations and referencing here. Writing and format are a part of your grade (see syllabus). Be sure to respond to no less than 2-3 classmates to earn participation/engagement points each week.  Respond by Saturday, August 22 at midnight. chapter 1, chapter 2 and sample are attached, please answer below questions, apa format , textbook is  Thompson, Leigh L., The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator, 6th ed., Pearson Education, Inc., 2015  ISBN # 9780133571776 , I will post reply to classmate post after i post the original post.

1. In Chapter one your text author states that most people are ineffective negotiators who fall prey to some very common traps. What are these traps and why do we fall into them? Describe your own experienceswith the common traps and the reasons for them. Where do you see yourself in these behaviors?

2. Differentiate between the following terms:BATNA, Reservation Point, and Target Point.

3. Differentiate between a focal point and sunk costs. How do these negatively impact negotiations?

4. Differentiate between the endowment effect , violations of the sure thing principle and counterfactual thinking . Describe a situation where you or someone you know exhibited each.

5. Where do you see yourself with regard to risk aversion as applied to negotiations in this chapter? Where do you see yourself with regard to confidence in negotiations as described in the text? Give examples to support each.

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