750 Words On A Dance Self Discovery

Each question should have a response of 100-150 (per question) words and will be graded by Content, Formatting (MLA) and Spelling/Grammar (please see Writing Rubric for details).

Self-Discovery 8:

  1. Discuss the similarities between world concert/ritual dance and folk dance. Also discuss the differences. What is one of the major reasons for commercializing dance?
  2. Besides the forms discussed and listed in the chapter what other world dance forms are there? List at least two and describe their movement, costumes, when is it performed.
  3. Do you think that it is appropriate for dances to change in order to please an audience?
  4. Have you ever participated in any folk dances? If so, what countries were they from? What were they called? Were the movements’ repetitive? When you danced them, did you stand in a circle or straight line? Did you hold hands with a partner with a partner or with a group of people? Discuss your experience.
  5. After viewing the various videos throughout the Chapter 8 PowerPoint, which two-dance forms do you relate to the most? Describe why you are connected to them and how you could learn more about your interest.

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