A Media Review

Your final assignment for the course is completion of a Media Review. You must select a movie, television series, etc., briefly summarize its content, and apply three sociological concepts to its analysis. The review should be posted in your journal. Typically, effective reviews are approximately 2 double-spaced pages long. As a general guideline, you should have one lengthy paragragh that summarizes the content of your selection. Simply, assume that I’ve never seen it, and let me learn enough about it so that your analysis makes sense. Once you have summarized your choice, you should write approximately one paragraph for each concept that you’ve chosen, explaining how it allows you to view your media selection a little differently than before you applied the concept. For example, you may have watched the series ER for a long time, but does considering the role of gender allow you to recognize things that you did not before? How about the concepts of role, status, subculture, resocialization, race, ethnicity, stratification, family, socioeconomic status, credentialism, etc.? The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate that you’ve learned more than mere definitions in this course. As I told you at the beginning, sociology allows you to see the social world a little differently, and this is your opportunity to show that you’ve developed the skill of application.

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