Abercrombie & Fitch Strategy Analysis

Analysis Abercrombie & Fitch Strategy

Description and questions

Write about what the strategy A&F use to compete in the fashion industry?

From Three points:

  1. Business-level strategy: differentiation,  analysis its value chain, and how it build its competitive advantage.
  2. Corporate-level strategy: International market, and have several brand branches. Also acquisition
  3. What is wrong with the current strategy, give your recommendation.


  1. Address all of the bullet points in the ‘Description and questions’ section below.
  2. MLA format, 4 pages, excluding references and exhibits.
  3. Write as an essay format, not just answer the questions.
  4. Cite your sources. 100% no plagiarism!
  5. At least 2 citations.
  6.  Due August 13, 11:59pm.

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