Acquisition Processes Evaluation

This is due by 1200 EST on 11 August 2018

Please let me know if you do not have access to the required references.  I will see if I am able to get them.

Use classroom materials (see attachments) to create an essay evaluating the new acquisition processes in DoD Instruction 5000.02, not including title and reference page.

Analyze the degree DoD 5000.02 creates better clarification, simplification, and more user-friendly, DoD acquisition procedures than those of the 1980s Goldwater-Nichols Act.

Create a six page essay.  Use scholarly articles and class reading to develop discussion points.

Format to the APA style guide.


DuHadway, D., Harris, H., Naroski Merker, M., & Smith, S. (2017). Reimagining Defense Business Acquisition. (cover story). Defense AT&L, 46(5), 2-7.

Eder, C., U.S.A.F., Mazzuchi, T. A., & Sarkani, S. (2017). Beyond integration readiness level (IRL): A multidimensional framework to facilitate the integration of system of systems. Defense AR Journal, 24(3), 487-533.

Garamone, J. (2013). New DOD instruction aims to streamline acquisition process. (). Lanham: Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.

Jalao, E. R. L., Worger, D., Wu, T., PhD., Wirthlin, J. R., & Colombi, J. M., PhD. (2013). Effect of the analysis of alternatives on the DoD acquisition system. IIE Annual Conference.Proceedings, , 2110-2117.

Kotzian, M., Paul, M., & Stewart, J. (2015). Tailoring and critical thinking—Key principles for acquisition success. Defense AT&L, 44(5), 6-11.

Megargel, J. (2017). No time to lose. Army AL & T, , 118-123.

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