Acquisition Reform

This is due 25 August 2018 by 1200 EST. If you are unable to access a reference, please let me know so that I can try again to put it into a format I can send to you.


Using the case study, “Case study-Acquisition reform and the new V-22 Osprey program,” and online library sources: Write a 8 page double spaced paper in APA format with at least five sources (a minimum of 3 sources must be from the online research library ProQuest),  on the The V-22 Osprey, The paper must include analysis of the case study (attached), “V-22 Osprey” and include analysis of  Project Life Cycle and procurement regulations affecting program outcomes.


Page, R. A., & State, K. W. (2012). Affordability tradeoffs in the defense industry. Competition Forum, 10(1), 212-221.

Rhodes, J. E. (1996). The V-22 procurement rate problem. Marine Corps Gazette, 61.

Riegert, P. M. (1998). A case study: Acquisition refrom and the new V-22 Osprey program. (Masters Case Study), Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA.

Schober, T., Grega, M., & Necas, P. (2012). Osprey – war for its own existance. INCAS Bullentin, 4(3), 87-92.

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