Case studies are an important learning strategy in business classes as they provide an opportunity for you to critically analyze events that have taken place in real-life businesses. This develops your critical thinking and research skills as you

research the competition and industry in which your business resides with an end goal of formulating a recommendation

Option 2: Caterpillar (pp. 394–395)

1. Using segmentation strategies, what are the target market(s) for Caterpillar? How does this relate to their brand management strategies?

2. Who are the top three competitors of Caterpillar, and what are their advantages/disadvantages with respect to their competitive product/service strategies?

3. What were some of the key steps that made Caterpillar the industry leader in earth-moving machinery? Explain how Caterpillar’s products differ from competitors.

4. Discuss Caterpillar’s future. What should it do next with its product line? Where is the future growth for this company?

APA-formatted case study should be a minimum of 500 words in length (not counting the title and reference pages).

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