Advanced Psychology Of Marriage And Family Systems- A9

This assignment focuses on vignette analysis and direct application of course concepts to the persons and situations presented in the vignette for each question.   All discussions must take into account legal and ethical considerations, as well as issues of culture and diversity that may pertain to the situations presented below. Legal/Ethical and Cultural information is included throughout the course text. You are encouraged to use other resources for ethics and culture as needed.
Use the reading assignments thoroughly in an integrative discussion. All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and written at graduate level English. You must integrate the material presented in the text and cite your work according to APA format. Use of the internet and the University Virtual Library is encouraged, but the majority of your work should be based on the reading assignments.Please keep your responses focused on what is presented in the vignette. Do not add information but use your creativity to support what you see in the vignette as written.  Avoid elaborations and assumptions. This assignment should be 5-6 pages total
Samuel and Sarah are an African-American couple in the early 50’s.  They were referred by their church pastor for family therapy.  The couple recently acquired custody of their 3 grandsons, ages 7, 4 and 2, whose parents were recently killed in a car accident. The children were not present during the accident.  Sam tells you that his heart aches for the loss of his only son and that he is not sure he has the stamina to raise his 3 grandsons.  Sarah tells you that she is determined to raise the boys in honor of her deceased son and daughter-in-law, in spite of her own health issues.  Sarah was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.  Samuel, while in good health, appears emotionally absent and distracted during the intake session.1.  Utilizing the information in the reading assignments, in consideration of ethical and cultural factors, discuss how you would formulate therapy for this family?
2. Briefly discuss your treatment of this family with regard to each of the following:- Experiential Family Therapy-  Psychoanalytic Family Therapy- Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy.


Nichols, M.P. & Davis, S.D.   (2017).   Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods .   (11th).   New Jersey   Pearson.     ISBN 9780133826821

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