American History Discussion Question

1 paragraph or less only


“Although rich families could buy their way out of the draft, a lot  of the protestors turned their anger and violence on black people.  I  find that ironic because the blacks were exempt from the draft because  they were not considered American citizens at the time.  (1) Nearly a  dozen black men were killed by hanging after being beaten, (2) the  protestors with savage ferocity, uprooting trees, destroying clothing, toys and supplies before setting fire to a building that  was the home of 230 black orphan children, and (3) black fled the city  and their population plummeted by more than 20 percent.”


Corbett, P. S.,  Janseen, V., Lund, J. M., Pfannestiel, T., Vickery, P., &  Waskiewicz, S. (2014, December 30). Openstax U.S. History. Retrieved May  28, 2018, from U.S.  History

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