Assignment 1-2 Pages

****DUE IN 8-10 HOURS!


Go to the link below and read article:

Now, in a complete 1-2 pages paper address the following questions properly: (I attached the required readings):

1) What agency issued this proposed rule?

2) To be considered, when must comments be received by?

3) List 3 ways of submitting comments about this proposed rule:

4) In what section of a subsequent document will the agency respond to comments received about this proposed rule?

5) Pursuant to Executive Order 12866, what office reviewed this proposed rule?

6) If you were an administrator at a hospital with an inpatient psychiatric unit and wanted to submit comments to this proposed rule, who might you collaborate with to draft your comments so that your comments could be as effective as possible?  List the position title/role of this person and briefly explain why you chose this type of person as a collaborator.

****Provide 2-3 credible references cited in APA.

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