Assignment 2 The Gig Economy

Assignment – The Gig Economy (220 pts) is due this week


Things to Consider

Break Assignment down – understand the points and purpose of assignment

Formatting requirements:

News brief or memo-  include a 1. heading, 2. summary statement, 3. background,  and 4. recommendations.

Chapter material and concepts applied should achieve the following objectives:

  • Analyze and apply the concepts of ethical decision making,  corporate governance and  corporate social responsibility. SEE Ch. 2
  • Analyze and evaluate the employment-at-will doctrine and the statutory protections afforded employees. SEE Ch. 16
  • Analyze and evaluate laws and regulations relative to product safety, liability and representations. SEE Ch. 13

Questions to address in Memo/Brief:

  1. Summarize the main principles of agency.

>Explain Agency Relationship

> Define principal – agent

>Examine liability: Principal – Agent

…..and so on

  1. Analyze the circumstances under which Uber might be liable for the conduct of its drivers.
  2. >Requires internet research
  3. >Explain role of Uber, and its drivers
  4. >Apply Agency relationship – theory, to the Uber – Driver concept …and so on
  5. Are drivers employees or contractors? Which impacts issues and theories of liability; examine this.

3. Identify the steps Uber can take, if any, to limit its legal exposure

for the conduct of its drivers.

>risk assessment

>minimize liability

>based upon an overall construct of the agency theory, how best should this relationship be formed to reduce company exposure

****Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference and proprietary Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

****Write clearly and concisely about law, ethics, and corporate governance using proper writing mechanics

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