At Lease 250 Words Discussion Post

Due 05/24/2018 11:00am CST

Compose an original discussion board post, of no less than 250 words, considering all of the prompts below:

  • Explain why women are more emotionally expressive than men, on average.  What accounts for this difference?
  • Would you share your negative and positive emotional experiences on social media? Explain some of the benefits and drawbacks of sharing emotional experiences on social media?
  • Describe how the disinhibition effect may contribute to conflict in computer-mediated communication?
  • Which of Gottman’s four horsemen would you find the most distressing if enacted in your own relationship?  Why?
  • How does the documentary, “The Human Face,” inform our understanding of emotional expression?

Discussion Board Grading Rubric

Initial/Original Posting(s) 
Your initial/original posting(s) each week should:

  • critically analyze the content – adequately respond to all discussion prompts, demonstrate a unique understanding of the course material (i.e., chapters, lectures, videos) from that of your classmates, and provide thoughtful analysis of the module’s content
  • reference relevant content from the course material for each Discussion Board prompt, with appropriate attribution
  • relate the new material to content contained in previous modules
  • be free of grammatical and spelling errors

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