heme 1

Addresses Course Outcomes 1-3:

1. identify properties involved in maintaining homeostasis in order to recognize how certain factors contribute to cancer

2. recognize the complexity of cancer and assess current approaches for screening, diagnosis, and treatment in order to adopt appropriate lifestyle strategies

3. apply knowledge of causes, development, and progression of cancer to ask questions and make informed decisions about personal and public health

The group project will include a presentation of a particular topic related to cancer, to be agreed upon among group members and subject to approval. The presentation is worth a total of 20 percent of the final grade and must include at least 10 references from qualified publications or reputable websites that support the arguments being presented. The presentation will be graded based on the performance of the group as a whole, as well as individual effort.

Theme 2

please provide a clear separation of the section – do not combine them:

1. Select a risk factor or carcinogen that is related to cancer development (this includes hereditary cancers but do not select РBRCA, p53 or Rb Рlet us learn something new!). Provide a brief overview, how this risk factor/ carcinogen can increase the risk of cancer and if it has been associated  with a specific type of cancer.

2. Pick a test or therapeutic that you find interesting. Provide a brief overview of how it works and which cancer(s) in which it may be used.

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