Biology Lab- Water Quality

Create Word document with responses to the following:

  1. Review the locations that were tested by the class. Create a hypothesis to investigate using the class data (these do not have to relate to your individual project or to specific sources of pollution but they can!). They need to be answerable based upon the data the class is collected. Make sure to make it specific, clear and testable.
  2. What are the dependent and independent variables for your hypothesis.
  3. What are confounders in this experiment (be thorough)?
  4. What are constants for this experiment (be thorough)?
  5. Summarize the class data so that you can answer your hypothesis. For example, you will need to graph the data related to your hypothesis and create a summary table with tallies, averages, etc. You must produce at least one graph and one table (both must be electronically generated). Don’t forget to properly title and label.  See first Module for tutorial about how to sort in Excel. You may need to create a new column in Excel to classify the water bodies depending on your hypothesis. Ask your lab instructor if you need help.

3. Is your hypothesis supported by the class data? Answer by referring to specific aspects of the data and explaining how you reached your conclusion.

4. Form a conclusion. Think about the larger concept of water pollution and implications.

Attached is the class data

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