Research essay words 850. Topic is bullying. I find 5 article about bullying. (First one is suck it up, walk it off, be a man: a controversial look at bullying in today’s schools, the 2nd one is bullying in school does not lead to suicide, the 3rd one is bullying in school is declining, 4th is school leadership and counselors working together to address bullying, 5th is why onlookers hold the key to standing up to bullies). U can use quotes form article but you have to write Author last name in the end of sentence. You can find this article on GALILEO website is www.centralgatech.edu/library then click on library resource you will see GALILEO Georgia Library Learning online click on that. If ask for password for GALILEO the password is scribble. And I need 5 paragraph one introduction 3 body paragraph last is conclusion. Please use GALILEO WEBSITE thank you

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