Business Case Analysis

Assignment topic: Discuss briefly the Business Case Analysis (BCA), to include the purpose, output, structure and format. Be sure to discuss sensitivity analysis.


You must complete your “Research Assignment”  and produce a MS PowerPoint Presentation (8 slides maximum; cover slide, 6 info slides and reference slide) that you will brief to the class during a time that is scheduled by your instructor.

  • FORMAT is up to you.
  • Slides can have pictures
  • NO EYE Charts…..smaller font is NOT BETTER
  • 8 Slides: Cover slide with your name and topic title (ie: what questions / areas you are answering), slides 2-7 info in bullet format,      slide 8 your references
  • ENSURE you answer the topic area as you are answering the topic      area and educating the class on the area……NOT SPECIFIC to your program


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