Business Proposal/ PowerPoint Presentation

Business Proposal for a Limousine Company that is starting.

1) How many cars (limousines) will be needed for a good start. (Include prices, brand, cost of maintenance and insurance of the limousines)

2) Put how much the company will pay the drivers to work (only 30 hours a week). Only in 1099 form

3) Include that the company will charge nightclubs for advertising them.

4)Add how much money it will cost to keep the company running(maintanances, salaries, and other expenses) and how much money it will produce the company for profit. Make a bar graph or pie graph to include this information.

Important Note:

8 slides power point

-In the first slide put a title ( a good title )

– In the last slide put bibliography.

– Use pictures throughout the presentation.

– Explain with expecific details all The information shared on this presentation.

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