Case Analysis

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Section 1 – Case Summary:

Please write a summary of the case “Keda’s SAP Implementation” (Minimum 300 words and Maximum 500 words)

Section 2 – Case Questions:

Please answer the following six (6) regarding the case (Minimum 100 words and maximum of 300 words per question).

  1. ERP are expensive and risky. Why did Keda Decide to embark on an ERP implementation project?
  2. What are the major processes of implementing an off-the-shelf ERP system?
  3. Leadership plays a pivotal role in the success of ERP Projects. Which “leadership best practices” did the Keda managers engage in?
  4. What were the main challenges faced by Keda in each stage of its ERP project? What factors contributed to the project’s success in the face of these challenges?
  5. Are the particular strategies adopted by Keda in its ERP project generally applicable to all ERP implementations?
  6. Culture plays an important role in any project implementation, and perhaps especially for an ERP implementation because the ERP concept originated in a cultural setting. How were Keda’s cultural characteristics leveraged in bringing about project success?

Section 3: Your thoughts and takeaways from this case:

After reading this case, what will you take away that you will keep in mind in as you embark on your professional endeavors (Minimum 100 words and maximum of 200 words)

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