Case Analysis

 -Need it by Thursday at 8:00 am in Pacific Time Zone.

Please read the case “”. You will submit a word document in the dropbox by the due date listed. Your document will be organized in three sections as listed below. Please adhere to the word count restrictions.

Section 1 – Case Summary:

Please write a summary of the case “” (Minimum 100 words and Maximum 300 words)

Section 2 – Case Questions:

Please answer the following six (6) regarding the case (Minimum 150 words and maximum of 350 words per question).

1) Consider the situation that existed when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March 2010. What challenges did the project face prior to March 2010?

2) Between March 2010 and October 31,2013, what factors and events led to schedule slippage?

3) Consider the seven process steps annotated on case exhibit 4, which provides a high-level architecture of the federal healthcare insurance marketplace. What problems were experienced at each process step? To what extent could those problems have been avoided through more effective project oversight and management.

4) “Mr. Fixit”(Jeffrey Zients) has been appointed to oversee a “tech surge” to turn this troubled initiative around. Suppose you are on Mr. Zient’s team. On November 1, 2013, you have been asked to bring him up to date about risks that continue to threaten this project and to offer advice on how to mitigate those risks as the open enrollment period continues into spring 2014.

5) What are your takeaways from this case that you could apply to your professional endeavors.

Section 3: Your thoughts and takeaways from this case:

After reading this case, what will you take away that you will keep in mind in as you embark on your professional endeavors (Minimum 100 words and maximum of 200 words)

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