Case Analysis 2

Assignment Questions

1. What are the general economic conditions of the U.S. regional airline industry macroenvrionment? What is the relationship

of the industry to the national and global airline industries?

2. What does a Five Forces analysis of the industry tell you about competition in the regional airline industry? Which forces

tend to be the strongest? The weakest?

3. What factors are causing change in the regional airline industry? What is the individual and collective impact of these

changes on the regional airline carriers?

4. What are the key factors that determine success for companies in the regional airline industry?

5. What is SkyWest, Inc.’s strategy? What kind of competitive advantage is it trying to achieve?

6. What are SkyWest’s competitively important resources and capabilities? What are its resource weaknesses and competitive

deficiencies? Its market opportunities? Its external threats?

7. What does an analysis of SkyWest, Inc.’s financial statements reveal about the company’s performance?

8. What recommendations would you make to the management of SkyWest, Inc. to strengthen the company’s competitive

position and improve its financial performance?

This assignment is due in 2 days

Minimum 15 pages

*Use the attached file as a guide to follow while doing the Case Analysis*

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