Case Study: LA Galaxy

Where Sports Marketing Is a Kick!

  1. Read the case on pages 341-344 in your text.
  2. Watch the video supplement to the case at link tv/13e/v12-5 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  3. Respond to the following case question. (Disregard the questions in the text.)

    You’re a member of the marketing team at LA Galaxy and being  asked by the senior leadership team to critically evaluate the company’s  marketing strategy. This evaluation should include an assessment of  what is going well and where opportunities for improvement exist. To  complete your evaluation, you should take into consideration the  following: the LA Galaxy product; which of the seven (7) elements of the  service marketing mix are most important in the LA Galaxy marketing  program; how is promotion (advertising, personal selling, public  relations, sales promotion, direct marketing) used by the company and do  these activities depend on the specific target markets; the extent to  which social media integrated into the LA Galaxy marketing strategy; and  finally how does the company assess the impact of its marketing  activities.

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