Case Study—Merger and Acquisition

Case Study—Merger and Acquisition

Throughout this course, you will review scenarios involving Company  A, which has been acquired by Company B. Company A was founded in 1956  in Mobile, Alabama. The average age of its workforce is 57 and it is  comprised of 40% Caucasian and 85% male. Company B was founded in 1997  in San Francisco, California. The average age of its workforce is 35 and  it is comprised of 45% Caucasian and 50% male.

These two companies have been staunch competitors in the marketplace  for several years and the employees of Company A are resentful of  integrating with their former rival. There are many strategic and  ethical challenges involved in this acquisition. A few of the goals of  the acquisition project are listed below:

  • Managing the Communication and Information Sharing:
    • The company wants to keep employees informed of how the acquisition will impact them.
    • The company wants to be sure that they provide enough information to  satisfy the employees, but not provide so much that the employees feel  overwhelmed.
    • The company wants to be sure that the timing of the communication  matches their execution of the changes within the two organizations.
  • Managing the Consolidation and Changes:
    • There is no doubt that there will be layoffs as a result of the  acquisition. The company wants to do what is best for the acquisition in  a way that inflicts the least amount of harm to the existing employees.
    • The company wants to make the decisions about who to layoff in the fairest way possible.
    • The company wants to try and limit exposure to potential discrimination (age and gender) stemming from the layoffs.
  • Managing the Relocations of Some the Employees:
    • Another impact of acquisitions is that employees may be asked to  relocate in order to maintain employment in the newly formed  organization.
    • The company wants to manage the expenses and potential disruption with the relocations.
    • The company wants to assess relocations verses hiring new employees locally.

Let us look at the role and responsibilities of HR managers regarding  managing the company’s goals related to the recent acquisition.


You have a wide variety of employees encompassing different ages,  genders, and ethnic backgrounds represented in these two companies. As a  Strategic HR Director, your goal is to create a workforce that will  effectively move the newly formed company forward.

Now, address the following issues:

  • Identify all of the information you would need to effectively manage the three goals above.
  • Identify the challenges and potential issues related to implementing the three goals above.
  • Develop recommendations for strategies to address these challenges and help the newly formed company meet its goals.

Write a five-to-seven-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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