CE402: Unit 3 DBP Diverse and Dynamic Families

Assistance is needed in answering the following DBP:


CE402: Unit 3 DBP Diverse and Dynamic Families

There are different types of family groupings. In fact, “American families are far more diverse than they were 50 years ago” (Scully, Barbour, & Roberts-King, 2014, p. 60). Very few children come from what was once considered the traditional family structure. In addition to being diverse, families in America are dynamic. It is not uncommon for children to experience several changes in their family structures during their childhood.

Part 1: For Part 1 of the Discussion, share a personal or professional example of a diverse and dynamic family you have interacted with over a period. Please be careful to maintain the privacy of any family you are describing by using a fictitious name (i.e., The Doe Family, Family A, etc.). Please describe the structure of the family and how it changed over time and the impact it had on each family member. In what ways was the family diverse and dynamic?

Part 2: For Part 2 of the Discussion, describe how economic factors influenced the ways decisions were made by the diverse and dynamic family you identified in Part 1 of the Discussion.

Part 3: For Part 3 of the Discussion, describe at least two different types of families that you may encounter in an early childhood program. Recognizing these differences, provide an inclusive definition of what is meant by “family.”


Scully, P., Barbour, C., & Roberts-King, H. (2014). Families, schools, and communities: Building partnerships for educating children (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

APA Format, In-Text Citation & Reference(s).  350 word min.  Please and Thank You.

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