Child & Family Development CHFD342: (300 Words Response)

Child & Family Development CHFD342: (300 Words Response)
What do you think is the most challenging change/s in physical, cognitive, social or emotional development that occur in in late adulthood?  What approaches would you recommend to alleviate some of the impact of these changes?  If you believe that the changes are inevitable, why do you hold that belief?  Support your writing with information from our readings.

Sociology SOCI331:  (200 Words Response)
– Use the online library to find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses qualitative methods.

– Read the article and write a brief summary of the article

– Write a critical review of their qualitative analysis. For example, how were the data codified? Was there a message to finding particular themes in the data? Or, could the authors have presented a better explanation for how the data were categorized and analyzed? Explain in detail.

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