Chipotle Project

  • Final project on Chipotle (chain restaurant)
  • This assignment will require you to research, discover, analyze, and write about the following characteristics related to your project.
  • Need to utilize information from power point to incorporate in the project. Use key terms such as ATO to link the textbook and power information to the project.
  • Information needed
  • Strategic management- generic strategy (are they cost-focused, differentiation, or a market niche type of company?) (talk about assemble to order process)  
  • Mission & Vision Statement  
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) ( Talk about how the include paper bags that environmental friendly and also how they donate to good causes such military and other organizations.)  
  • Internal/ SWOT Analysis – 4 sections (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats) at least 1 paragraph per section. For SWOT at least 4 paragraphs total. 
  • 6-7 sentences per paragraph 1-2 paragraphs per section
  • APA format.
  • Below is the intruduction of the final project please read and review and go of from it.
  • Chipotle: Food with Integrity 
  • Fast food restaurants is probably the most convenient service that consumers can acquire today. It enables customers to order their food in a fast and satisfactory kind of way. Whether choosing to actually walk inside the restaurant to order, or choosing to stay inside the vehicle by using the drive-thru option. However, not every fast food place can actually say they use the freshest ingredients, even if they make the food in a hurry, and this is where Chipotle dominate over all others. Chipotle believes in building their food with integrity. Meaning preparing every ingredients by hands, growing vegetable in healthy soils, pork meat from pigs who are freely roaming around outdoors (instead of crumpled up in a barn), and every dish properly cook in their own kitchen everyday and everynight (Chipotle, 2018). To better understand Chipotle’s “food with integrity” regime, talking about the history of the company, determining its strategic managements, cost breakdown of each menu products, discussing the external supply chain network, its internal analysis, and what can be reengineered that may improve the company’s sales, are just a few things that can help explain.

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