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Hello Class,

The Hub and Spoke concept was something I never heard about until this class which is surprising learning about what it does for the industry. The lesson was not on the platform when doing this so I did some research on it.  What I learned was a strategy that helps makes transportation more efficient and easily to understand and operate in. It is a great way to speed up operations , simplify the transportation routes and reduce overall costs. The easiest way for me to be able to understand the Hub and Spoke Concept is that it is kind of like networking for transportation routes. You try to reach your goals and you could go the long way or you could connect to other simple routes. We go through the Hub and Spoke concept a lot in our everyday lives. One examples is flying through the airports. Connecting flights are an example of this concept. It gives companies flexibilities, provides better routes to get to destinations and of course saves a lot of money. One area that thrives in this concept is delivery companies. It has given them more options to get the products from the start to the destination.  It has given them a way to leverage companies on their budget by providing direct routes or cheaper routes going through the Hub and Spoke concept. It helps on benefitting everyone that is involved in the process. I do not see any huge disadvantages when it comes to this but please give me some input on how it can be a disadvantage.

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The hub and spoke concept can be explained like the wheel of a bicycle.  The center of the wheel is the hub and all the spokes are connected to that hub.  Basically, the hub and spoke concept entails cargo or passengers from points of origin or spokes are transported to a central processing facility.  O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois is a great example of a hub and spoke concept for passengers.  My squadron at Ramstein, Air Base Germany is a great hub for cargo.  We call it an enroute location and it is one of the largest in the Air Force.  We do have a lot of originating and terminating cargo, however the bulk of what we move is in transit or going from one place to another.  We simply take it off of one plane or truck and place it on other planes or trucks.

The advantages of the concept apply to all modes of transportation.  One advantage of the hub and spoke concept is improved shipment tracking.  Another advantage is a more efficient use of resources.  In the air industry, for example, you can maximize the aircraft and fill it up with cargo for multiple destinations and sent it to Germany.  Here we will take it off and send it out to its destinations on different aircraft.  The advantages for truckers is that it allows them to have additional time home because they are not running all of these little routes but utilizing a hub.  It also increases the efficiency of their resources.


Delve (2014). Inbound Logistics. How the B2B Commerce Digital. Pros & Cons of Third Party Logistics For Manufacturers. Retrieved from:

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Hub and Spoke Concept in Transportation

The hub and spoke concept in transportation can be relatable. I feel that I can relate to it by thinking about deployments. I know where the hub is to operations and the spokes are the outlying areas. All materials and such come from that hub where everything is operating I think of it as the brain of it all. To be able to turn in or do any kind of operations would have to be done at the hub. All assets come from the hub as well. So all of the outlying areas will rely on the hub. Another way to look at it would be looking at depots as the hub and the spokes would be all the places that are using those parts.

A great thing about the hub and spoke concept is that it improves tracking the shipment (Delve, 2014). This would be shipping from one area which can be beneficial and less movement. This can also reduce costs with shipping (Delve, 2014). Hubs and spokes can be different in each mode of transportation (Delve, 2014).

Airlines would lose money by trying to fly with less to different locations (Delve, 2014). Now when they use the hub and spoke concept  they fill up their planes and end up saving more money by doing so (Delve, 2014).

How can you relate with the hub and spoke concept in transportation?  What would you use as a personal example while using the hub and spoke concept today?

Delve, S. (2014, May 19). How the Hub-and-Spoke Model Transformed the Transportation Industry. Retrieved from Inbound Logistics:

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