Coding Management And Compliance Unit 2 Assignment 2 Hospital Licensure Requirements

  1. Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree
    1. Domain V. Compliance
    2. Subdomain  V.A. Regulatory
    3. Section 1. Appraise current laws  and standards related to health information initiatives
    4. Competencies: Regulatory and licensure requirements

Assignment Purpose:

Identify regulatory and licensure requirements

Assignment Description

Step One: Locate and review the minimum Standards for Hospital Licensing within your state. MY STATE IS MARYLAND

Step Two: Locate and review the minimum Standards for Hospital Licensing in another state of your choice CHOICE STATE IS GEORGIA

Step Three: Compare and contrast the minimum Standard for Hospital Licensing between the two states

Step Four: Identify any minimum Standards related to HIM

Step Five: Create a two page (not counting title and reference page) APA formatted paper providing the information learned in Steps Three and Four. Two references required

Step Six: Submit your paper for grading.

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