Computer Ethic Discussion

“Risk Assessment and Incident Response Teams” Please respond to the following:

  • Your organization has recently established a risk assessment team and an incident response team. They have recently defined their risk assessment and incident response processes. The first team meeting is this week and you want to ensure that you convey the importance of the teams to each team member.
    • Develop your introductory remarks to the teams, including five main points of risk assessment and five main points of incident response that you want to emphasize.
    • Decide what you will say to the team to attempt to avoid conflicts of interest.
    • From the e-Activity, identify the beneficial information, provided by US-CERT, in the development of a risk assessment team or an incident response team.

“Risk Analysis Techniques” Please respond to the following:

  • Organizations typically use both quantitative and qualitative risk analysis techniques when analyzing the risk to the organization and determining the appropriate counter-measures.
    • Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.
    • Describe a situation when a qualitative risk analysis method is most appropriate, and describe a situation when a quantitative risk analysis method is most appropriate.

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