Computer Litracy

1. Briefly describe what you would do to back up your home computer to protect yourself from a computer failure. 300 words or more

· What are the most common cause of computer failures? How would your procedures protect you?

· How would this change if you were to open a “business in the home” and had business-related files stored/used?

2. Create a vacation newsletter. Please include:

· Format Text- use minimum of 2 types of Fonts;

· Use Paragraph Formatting- adjust the line spacing, include double and single spacing;

· Format Pages- Apply a theme;

· Create Bulleted or Numbered Lists- include bullet points;

· Work With Tables- Include a table (possibly about the weather or a transportation schedule);

· Insert Image- Include images aligned with text;

· Proof Read- check spelling and grammar; and

· Share Your Work- save as a Word document and as a PDF and upload both in Moodle.

· A minimum of 300 words.

Must follow all steps to earn credit

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