Conduct A Gap Analysis: Do You Have What It Takes to Land the Role You Desire?

Conduct A Gap Analysis: Do You Have What It Takes to Land the Role You Desire?

As you continue to pursue your degree, do you know which career path  you want to take? In what types of roles are you interested? For what  types of roles are you presently qualified? Do you fully know what is  required and expected of roles along your chosen path? Some roles  require very specific experience in addition to education. For example,  the role of a computer network architect would likely require a  knowledge of and proficiency with a particular framework or methodology.  If that is what you want to do, do you possess what is required? Simply  put, does a “gap” exist between what you want to pursue and what you  bring to that role? If you have a gap, what can you do to overcome it?

To answer the questions below, you need to first review advertised  postings of jobs in which you are interested by using a job board like this one or niche job boards like board A or board B. Then, select 3 to consider in detail.

Have these 3 job postings in front of you as you answer the questions below.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that address the following:

  1. Peruse the requirements of each position that you selected.
    • For each of your selected positions, make a list of the specific requirements that you presently meet.
    • Make a second list of the specific requirements that you do  not presently meet for each role. These are the gaps in your candidacy  for those positions.
  2. Brainstorm, and write about the things you might be able to do to overcome those gaps.
    • For example, if your gap is specific experience with Agile  methodology, then one of your answers could be “Consider an interim role  that will expose me to Agile methodology.”

Responses to Other Students: Reply to 2 of your  fellow classmates about their Primary Task Response. Make sure each  reply is a minimum of 100 words. Discuss one of the following:

  1. Review the areas where your classmates determined that they have  gaps in their candidacy for a particular role. Do you share the same  gap(s)? If not, share how you addressed that area so that it was not a  gap for you.
  2. Review your classmates’ thoughts about how they might overcome  their gaps. Provide additional ideas that they might want to consider  within their plan to overcome their gaps.

Next Steps:

As you go through this exploration and evaluation process, keep in mind that you do not have to do it on your own.



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