Create A Poster In PowerPoint( 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing)

Create a poster with the content of the following highlighting (Bold) : the poster should be contain with all the following information of the case study title 1995 OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING. Also should be answer the case study objective in the poster. ( Discuss the significance of violent extremism in the United States.)

Think of this as a digital version of a science fair poster. This should be done in PowerPoint. A over-simplified how-to can be found at:

Your poster should have a Catchy Title that relates and identifies the Case Study ( 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing) as well as your name.

The headings you should have on your poster are:

•Background Information: (Which should cover: Event Background, What/When/Where/Why (if applicable), Number of people affected/injured/killed,

Primary and Secondary Hazards associated with the event (as applicable), Interesting Facts

•Case Study Objective (Discuss the significance of violent extremism in the United States.)

•Phases of Homeland Security (one heading for each phase) – 3-5 points minimum should be included for each phase ◦Prevention ◦Protection ◦Mitigation ◦Response ◦Recovery

•References As a reminder: A minimum 5 references must be included in APA Format, at least two must be from your own research above and beyond sources provided to you. You must also include in-text citations (Author, Year) for each piece of information. Failure to cite will be considered plagiarism and a zero will be issued for the assignment. Keep quotations to a minimum but make sure to use quotation marks and pages or paragraph numbers when quoting. Don’t forget to USE GRAPHICS when applicable and make sure to have “white space.”

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