Create Close Reading Text Depending Question Critical Response To Reading

Write 3 page- Close Reading Activity Summary and Reflection that includes the following below:


  1. Provide a description of the      text from grades 4-6 you selected for your Close Reading Activity and      include an explanation of why you selected this text based on      text-complexity principles and the characteristics of your literacy      learners in grades 4–6. Be sure to discuss the pre-assessment data you      collected.
  2. Explain how your students      responded to the text during the writing section of the activity. Also,      include an explanation of why you chose this type of writing      instruction/method. Provide specific examples from the activity and      include student work samples as an appendix to your paper.
  3. Explain how you developed      students’ metacognition related to the selected text.
  4. List the text dependent  questions from learning resource and explain why you created these      questions.
  5. Explain conclusions that you      can draw from this lesson that will inform your instructional practice for      grades 4-6.

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