Creating Pay for Performance Systems

Creating Pay for Performance Systems

Global Ed, the school from your Unit 6 Discussion has informed your Acme Inc. supervisor that their staff training program you assisted with has been very effective! They are so impressed by the effectiveness of the behavior analytic training that they are interested in developing a pay for performance system for their employees.

Your supervisor has asked you to assist with providing options for pay for performance as well as describing the important components for such a system at Global Ed. Include references from: Johnson C.M., Mawhinney, T. C., & Redmon, W.K. (2001). Handbook of organizational performance: Behavior analysis and management.

For this Discussion in a minimum of 400 words, explain each of the following specifically for Global Ed:

  1. In your own words, explain what a pay for performance system is to the director of Global Ed.
  2. Provide a specific example of a pay for performance system from the research discussed in Johnson, Mawhinney, & Redmon (2001) that would be applicable to the staff performance required at Global Ed.
  3. Explain at least two of the important elements needed for a successful pay for performance system.
  4. Describe the benefits of using a pay for performance system over a traditional pay system.

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