Critical Analysis

Post (via link to a website or pdf) an article from a business publication (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, etc.) or a research report (publish at this month please) and write a critical analysis using the tools and concepts from the class. The key to this exercise is to be skeptical of what you read. To use the concepts and tools from the class to help articulate the issues or concerns you note in the article or in another student’s post. You will be surprised how much we read in the business press doesn’t stand up to thoughtful analysis.

Course concepts:

– Value Creation

– Fundamental Analysis

– Financial statement relations

– Valuation of company or bonds

– Dividend Discount Model

– Discounted Cash Flows

– Earning vs. Cash flow

– Residual Earning Model

– Reverse Engineering

– EPS Growth rates

– Reformulated Financial Statement (B/S, I/S, SE)

– Dirty Surplus

– Employee Benefits

– Free Cash flows

– ROCE analysis

– Growth analysis

– Residual Operating Earning

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