Critique 1500 Words Compare Contrast Paper (Understanding Visual Arts)

 What NOT to do:

1.   Do not spend any time describing the art museum, unless architecture is what you are

writing about.

2.   Do not spend a lot of time writing about the artist.  Sometimes a quick mention of his or

her artistic style is appropriate, or some background information to explain content, but

that is it.

3.   Do NOT be redundant.  Don’t keep repeating the same thing.

What TO do:

1.   Explain all content-related matter through the observation of visual elements.

Remember, content is a combination of all things visual, plus the apparent meaning or

feeling of the work of art.

2.   Introductory Paragraph – Write about where you went, and what exhibit was currently on


3.   Body of Work – Write about style, form, and content.  Use 1.5 line space.  Use your

notes on style, form, and content to break down each work of art.

4.   Write about a small number of art works.  I recommend doing a Compare/Contrast between two works of art—either two

different subjects by the same artist, or perhaps the same subject as represented by two

different artists.

-I am going to post you the two links for the pieces of Art from Salvador Dali Museum, and as if you went and saw it there (first person). Critique the pieces of art, for example, the lightening how it differs, how the image catches your eye of view diagonally, etc.(Understanding Visual Arts)

You must also include color reproductions at the

END of your paper (do not insert them into the dialogue).




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