Cryptosystems In The Movie Industry

1. Cover Page (in APA format)

2. Outline Page (in APA format)

I. Introduction

A. Current problem: A description of the issue, solution, etc. the use of “Cryptosystems in Modern industry” you selected: (cryptology in the movie industry.)

B. Area of focus: cryptosystem and industry

C. Thesis Statement:  This is the topic statement you submitted previously (movie industry)

D. Key Terms:  Key words

II. Background

A. Historical Overview of Modern Cryptosystems:

B. Historical Industry Overview:

C. Current Link between Modern Cryptosystems and Industry Type:

D. Limitations:

III. Major Point 1:  

A. Minor Point 1:

B. Minor Point 2:

IV. Major Point 2: 

A. Minor Point 1:

B. Minor Point 2:

V. Major Point 3: 

A. Minor Point 1:

B. Minor Point 2:

VI. Major Point 4: 

A. Minor Point 1:

B. Minor Point 2:

VII. Conclusion

A. Restatement of Thesis:

B. Next Steps:

3. Reference Page (in APA format)

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