Data Analytics Video

Background Info: Heat maps are a data visualization technique that can be a useful way of determining insights from geospacial data that may not be visible using normal tables, statistics, etc. in databases.

Step 1: Observe the steps shown in the video below. It is an example of a heat map generated using the Powerview software in excel. The data used to generate it is found in the hyperlinked drive containing datasets.

Step 2: Download the simplymap excel file(from the google drive datasets folder). Create a traditional line, bar, or column chart of the data by zipcode.

Step 3: Open a new powerpoint and post a screen shot of the chart you created in step 2 into it.

Step 4: Now on the same powerpoint slide answer these questions:

Which is easier to interpret–the powerview map from the video or the traditional line/bar chart in excel that you created? Do you think you would come to the same or different conclusions or insights using both tools or not? Be specific. What do you think of Powerview? What types of situations in your future career might it be useful to use it?

Step 5: Save the file and upload it.

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