Data Analytics Video

Step 1. Watch the two videos below showing some introductory graphing in Tableau and R.

Step 2. Create a table in a new powerpoint with 4 columns. In the first row, type in Tableau, R, Python, and D3 in the cells.

Step 3. Then, in the next several rows, type in the comparative (dis)advantages/capabilities of Tableau, R, Python, and D3 in there respective columns. To accomplish that task, search them in google. You could even using comparative statements – “R vs Python vs D3 visualization” etc. Use multiple sources in searching to minimize bias and errors potential.

Step 4. The answer the following questions below on the same powerpoint slide.

Q1. What surprised you (from what you learned)?

Q2. Which one do you think will be most useful in your jobs in the future and why?

Step 5. Open the pizza excel database you saved from exercise 9.

Step 6. Insert a scatterplot of taste + ph_fov (from the charts menu). Add a trendline (linear regression) [note: you right click on the data point on the scatterplot to get the option to add a trendline] and show the formula. Copy the scatterplot to a new slide in the powerpoint.

Step 7. Create a chart that shows the average spending on each of the categories for the different cluster segments from your earlier cluster exercise that you saved on the pizza database. (Note: two stages = create a pivot table, use the values from the pivot table to create the bar chart). Adjust the axis min, max, etc., and the background color of the bars/columns. Copy the chart to the powerpoint.

Step 8. Save and upload the powerpoint

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