1. Watch videos 6 about summary statistics using the Data Analysis add-in in Excel: 

2. Download and open the pizza dataset from the dataset drive folder.

3. Follow these instructions. (Note they are for a PC. If you desire to use a MAC you will have to search for instructions on youtube or google on how to install, find, and use the analysis toolpack in the MAC excel interface.)

In excel, click on: file > options > add-ins> Go > check the analysis toolpack + solver > O

Click on data > data analysis

find descriptive statistics and select it > OK

highlight all the data in the pizza dataset

check the box for summary statistics

Click okay.

clean up the new worksheet so it reads easier.

4. Save the workbook. upload it.

5. Remember what these descriptives tell us. If you don’t recall the definitions of the different descriptive statistics listed in it are (definition wise): mean, standard deviation, median, mode, variance, kurtosis, skewness, min, max, sum, count from the prerequisite stats class you took before this class, please google the terms so you can recall the definitions.

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