Data-Driven Web Analytics

Deliverable Length:  Word document of 4–5 pages (excluding references and cover page)

Create a business strategic goals statement (include at least 6 goals).

Develop an action plan for achieving the strategic goals.

Define the necessary benchmarks (including sales trends for the last 12 months).

Define a time frame for achieving the strategic goals.

Determine a budget to be allocated to achieving the strategic goals.

Create a free analytics account at Google Analytics, and install the tracking code on the free Web site that was created here: Web site. Include the tracking code in your report.

Once your account has been created, visit this demo account to view actual data.

Create an analytics profile (including 4 conversion goals). Describe 4 conversion goals that you would like to implement through Google Analytics. (Note: you will not actually be allowed to create these in your demo account.)

Create 4 tracking URLs using a UTM link builder. Copy and paste the final URLs into your report.

Schedule 1 report to be sent to your e-mail.

Create 4 dashboards, and embed screenshots into your plan.

Discuss how you will make comparisons between metrics and how analytics intelligence can help.

Note: Because this Web site is fictitious and minimalist in nature, you will be using mock data. To facilitate the aggregating of Web analytics on your Web site, you will have to visit your own Web site. If desired, you can share the URL with the class to allow other students to visit your Web site.

All sources should be cited both in the text and in the references using APA format.

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