When a juvenile case is transferred to adult court, that juvenile is treated just like an adult. That crime becomes a part of that juvenile’s adult record, and that juvenile is assumed to have the same capacity to understand the seriousness of his or her actions while taking part in the criminal offense. Many states allow those as young as 10 to be tried and judged as adults, and many have no age limitations. Do you agree or disagree with the idea that a juvenile’s case should be moved to adult court based on the seriousness of the offense, no matter what the age of the child? Why? What problems do you see coming from the assumption that a child, at 10 years of age, has the mental capacity to stand trial as an adult for a serious offense?

While you are developing your opinion, it would be a good idea to conduct an Internet search of the stories of Paul Henry Gingerich from Indiana and Jordan Brown from Pennsylvania as prime examples of juveniles tried as adults.

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