Designing a New Timepiece

Unit V assignment

Designing a New Timepiece

Read the timepiece assignment on pages 343–344 of your textbook. In this assignment, you will propose a new timepiece

design. Using the design proposal template located here, complete the tasks below.

Provide an introduction of the current timepiece, and then discuss why a new design is needed (Step A).

Identify the user requirements (Step A).

Discuss at least two of your initial design ideas (Step B). Sketch out some initial designs for the timepiece. Try to develop

at least two different ideas that meet the requirements you defined in Step A. You are not required to scan or copy and

paste these into the template, but you may if you wish (Step C).

Select and discuss the design you chose and why (Step D).

The proposal you will use for this assignment is very basic; most design proposals are more complex and contain additional

topics such as the background (or executive summary) as well as the current problem, goals, findings, audience, schedule

and development processes, cost projections, pilot tests, and design applications.

There is no page requirement for this assignment as students are encouraged to use other means of multimedia and

visuals to complete the project. Follow APA style when formatting your assignment and when creating your references and

in-text citations.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

Unit V homework

Requirements Document

You will continue to work on your course project during this unit. You should have received feedback on your proposal in Unit I, updated your proposal based on that feedback, and continued to conduct research.

Hopefully, you have been thinking about and working on your design throughout the other units as well. In this unit, you will prepare a requirements document for the learning module you proposed. Using the template provided here, answer the requirement specifications (See Table 10.1 on page 355 for guidance on completing the document).

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. ITC 3302, Human Computer Interaction 4

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