Designing Lesson Plans: Evidence-Based Strategies

Designing Lesson Plans: Evidence-Based Strategies

This assignment assesses your ability to develop lesson plans that incorporate evidence-based strategies for teaching students with mild to moderate disabilities with goals aligned to the current performance level of students with an identified area of need. This assessment also supports your achievement of Course Learning Outcome 3 and MASE Program Learning Outcome 5.

Using support from your assigned reading, the Instructor Guidance, and the discussions, submit the following for evaluation. Use the below guidelines for creating your written assignment. If you have questions about the assignment or the rubric, please contact your instructor using the “Ask Your Instructor” discussion before the due date.

  • Lesson Plan (3 points): Using the lesson plan from Weeks One and Two Assignments as a model format, develop a lesson plan that incorporates evidence-based strategies for teaching Bianca self-determination skills with goals aligned to her current performance level and identified areas of need.
  • Rational (3 points): Write a one page rationale for the lesson plan explaining why you chose the specific strategies for Bianca in this lesson plan over other possible choices.

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