Developing Treatment Plan

500–700 words

Mr. Andrews is a 36-year-old man who has been a life-long career criminal. He has suffered ridicule and has expressed episodes of depression. Currently, he is located at a maximum security prison and has requested that he be reevaluated to go to a medium-security prison for the remainder of his sentence. At the current location, Mr. Andrews has received numerous prison violation tickets for disorderly conduct, assault on an inmate, and not following the instructions of a corrections officer during work detail.

During his intake, it was noted that Mr. Andrews’s behavior toward authority was aggressive, and his responses to questions were vague. As you look at this reevaluation, it will be very important to use the correct assessment. Both OASys and LSI-R have components that address his socialization, but there has been no treatment plan initiated that addressed his issues.

Using the information from the above scenario, each individual group member should address the following in 500–700 words:

Indicate which assessment or diagnostic technique (OASys or LSI-R) you would use.

Why do you feel that this diagnostic technique is the most appropriate in the case of Mr. Andrews?

Do you feel that the diagnostic technique that you did not select would be inadequate considering the circumstances above? Why?

What is the risk level (low, medium, or high) of Mr. Andrews?

Do you feel that a medium-security facility is the ideal option for the incarceration of Mr. Andrews? Why or why not?

Use examples from the scenario to support your argument.

Be sure to reference any sources using APA style.

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