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First, click on the Assignment tab to review the instructions for the Field of Study Project. Once you have reviewed the instructions, proceed with this week’s forum topic.

Any good project has a plan that helps you meet your goal. With that  in mind, what are some steps to take to create your plan? How will you  get your mind flowing for ideas for the project plan?

The goal is to create a project plan for the Field of Study Project. The steps of project planning may include:

· Understanding the scope and value of the project

· Planning a method to communicate the plan

· Selecting a topic/theme

· Considering critical thinking questions/statements to research

· Selecting subtopics which relate to the questions

· Brainstorming new ideas that should be included in the plan

Next, choose a career interest topic which is realistic and one that  you are actually interested in learning more about. The career interest  might be a field in which you could become employed after completing  your APUS degree program or additional training.

After choosing your career interest topic, complete your project  plan. Here are some ways you can create your plan: make an outline, mind  map, flow chart, matrix, paragraph(s), or graphic organizer in order to  share your project plan. Your project plan should include topic choice,  your plan, why you chose your topic and what new information you are  excited about learning in your research. Keep in mind that a robust  project plan will make your research and project construction easier.

Part II:

This is a reflective paragraph that represents your critical thinking  process when thinking about possible sources. You are NOT looking for  specific sources now. Consider the best possible sources as presented in  the Week 2 Lesson. What type of sources will work best for your  research? How can you support your project plan with credible, current,  reliable, accurate, and relevant information?

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