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Describe how an organization’s mission statement and values are supported by specific aspects in the marketing, operations, technology,management, and social responsibility sections of a business plan.



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The mission statement is present via the business plan.  The business plan shows your mission statement come to life, how it will become reality, and how it will operate.  The mission statement is a summary of the business plan.  The business plan unfolds your mission statement to shows the details within.  The Marketing section shows how you will reach the customers describing in your mission statement.  The operations sections describes in greater detail how you will run the company and create the products described in the mission plan.  The technology section goes over what technology was discussed in your business plan or elaborates on the way you will incorporate technology to accomplish your mission.  The management section is all about the management team that can make your mission statement come to life and your business succeed, and the social responsibility section shows how your company can help.  The values are supported by how you state you will operate in your business plan.  The steps you say you will take, the angles you take to approaching customers, competitions, and employees will all show your company values.  The company values will become evident as the business plan is read through, as every action you say you will take reveals a part of the values of yourself and your company.


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