Discussion Board

read “theory, evidence and intervention mapping to improve behavior nutrition and physical activities interventions” by Burg, et al. 2005. Discuss the following points in your thread

  1. In this position paper the authors debate the proper use of behavioral theory in health promotion interventions. In their paper they cite 2 dictionary definitions for the word, “theory”. Which of the 2 best suited to the position they are taking and why?
  2.  In their discuss the authors point out that, while many behavioral theories are good at explaining current health behavior, they have limited success in predicting changes or improvements in behavior. Why?
  3. In at least 3 places in their paper, the authors state that the use of interventions mapping as a health promotion intervention framework can mitigate some of the limitations of behavioral theory in bringing about health behavior change. Is this a realistic expectation? Why or why not?

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